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  2. 350+ BASE Videos online
  3. Video BASE now has 500+ videos online
  4. News, Video, and Image Feeds
  5. Want to help BLiNC Magazine?
  6. **** URGENT: Site errors and upgrade ****
  7. Any graphics designer willing and able to assist BLiNC?
  8. Seeking VideoBASE and PhotoBASE Moderators
  9. Classified Image Upload working again
  10. Update VideoBASE Script
  11. BASE Wiki now International
  13. Created video for uploading Wiki Images to BLiNC
  14. Current Maintenance Tasks...
  15. FIXED: Image Upload Error
  16. Emergency Software updates and Server tuning
  17. New In-line Video Plugin installed today...
  18. Server Upgrade underway..
  19. NEW: Sortable Tables
  20. New Auto Tagging plugin implemented
  21. Preparing for forum upgrade soon
  22. Sneak preview of Gallery and new Classifieds...
  23. Links Directory
  24. New iPhone, Android, and Blackberry access to BLiNC
  25. Software / Hardware Upgrades
  26. Tapatalk BLiNC Mobile 2.1.2 updated today.
  27. Database migration
  28. Speed results
  29. mod_deflate and Apache Tuning
  30. BASE Jumping Links Directory updgrade
  31. The BASE Board forum updgrade
  32. Classifieds and Phot Gallery Upgraded
  33. Attachments and Images are not showing up.
  34. Wiki software updated today
  35. Forum security Update.
  36. Tapatalk Forum App on iPad
  37. forumrunner now enabled.
  38. Security patch applied to BLiNC, but forum runner has an issue
  39. BASE Wiki Content Re-Organization
  40. Forum software upgrade
  41. Testing out new Google Custom Search Engine for BLiNC
  42. Google Translation bar now available
  43. BLiNC Magazine has been translated to over 53 languages. (please re-post)
  44. Expanding to a new Super Dedicated Computer
  45. Just finished upgrading BLiNC
  46. New Web-Mobile select-able styles
  47. BASEJumping.tv iPhone, iPad, iTouch app now in iTunes store !!!!!
  48. Daily BASE Jumping newsletter by email
  49. Added new Link category for Facebook personal, groups and fan pages