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  1. The Newbie Chronicles - My first year in BASE - Part Two: February

    Part Two - February

    “Shit!...SHIT! Right there! Right there! I see em!” Lance Corporal Felipe Rael was looking through the man pack thermal imager, which by 2009 no longer existed in the inventory and whose nomenclature had long since escaped me.

    He had seen a group of vehicles and human figures moving in the cold darkness of the Kuwaiti desert night.

    My blood turned to ice, and my stomach began to twist into knots. I couldn’t hide my fear – ever – and the guys made fun of me. Not because I freaked out or anything, but because when danger was eminent, I always got the shits. Just like that. I was powerless to prevent it. My Team Leader would always ...

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  2. The Newbie Chronicles - My first year in BASE - Part One: "The" Harvey

    The Newbie Chronicles – My first year in BASE

    My name is Chris Harvey. I have no need for anonymity. As a former cop, I know that that the objects I have jumped that could be considered in the ether of the legal gray area are in places where the cops have better shit to do than track me down. I also don’t do repeats within at least several months of each other. It’s called keeping objects cold. You paying attention Dave? I don’t jump NPS land – which is another story completely. Although before I leave this Earth, and if we haven’t managed legal access by then, I do intend to jump El Capitan – buck naked down to my boots – with a very loud hidey-ho and a bakalaka before I jump. ...

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