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    I use a technique that Pidge showed me back around when I 1st started. I've only done 20 jumps between 4-6 sec delay using this technique, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's worked so far. Pidge was using this same setup for terminal wingsuit jumps when he showed me.
    Dunno if I'll be able to explain properly without pictures but here goes...

    I've got 1/2 a tan rubber band girth hitched at the top of the same C line that has the finger trap for my tail gate.

    Once everything's flaked and the slider's quartered, I gather the inner Cs, Ds and brake [wiki"]lines[/wiki] (call them the red lines for simplicity).

    From there I pull the rubber band outwards and around both sides of the red lines so you've got a loop around coming them from either side.

    I take the top several cm of slider mesh, put a couple twists in and fold half the twist it back on itself so I've got a kind of chunk of slider that I can wrap the 2 loops of rubber band around. The chunk ends up extending a couple cm above the rubber band.

    The end result is that the red lines are wrapped by the rubber band as if they were in a tail gate and the rubber band is held in place by the little chunk of slider mesh acting kind of like a shear pin.

    I like that it's a mix of a tail gate-like setup and also a soft form of direct control because I'm nowhere near terminal. Doesn't seem to take much for the slider to come out from the loops coz once 1 loop is free the other just falls away. If anything it probably needs a bit less tension than popping a tail gate with 2 wraps of a rubber band.

    It's a bit fiddly to set when you're trying to control lines, a stretched rubber band and some slider, but that could just be my lack of practice.

    Opportunity to get some photos up came earlier than expected.

    - 1.jpg just kind of shows the start point

    - 2.jpg shows what I mean by stretching the rubber band either side of the red lines

    - 3 and 4.jpg show the end result from slightly different angles

    Like I said, don't see anything that can really cause any dramas, but I'm always keen for different ideas.

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