• To all the kids that want to base jump please read

    I am writing this to everyone that thinks they are ready to base. I am currently writing this on my couch where i will be for sitting/laying down for the next 8 weeks maybe longer do to a base injury. I have around 800 skydives and 80ish base jumps and just had a shitty landing one night. The result was a shattered foot that they had to reconstruct and i also cracked my t12 in my spin.

    As i result to this jump I lost my job and I have to rely on my girlfriend, family and friends to help me move around. I'm not going to sit here and tell you how dangerous base jumping is or any of that crap. But I will tell is you the things that you really need think about is how it is going to effect others mentally and financially.

    Just something to think about
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      Skydiving has changed my entire life. Low turn=double below knee amputation coming next week and past 6 months of hell.
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