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Thread: Apex TL / TLs (Through Loop)

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    Apex TL / TLs (Through Loop)

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    5 out of 5 rating for Apex TL / TLs (Through Loop)

    The Apex TL is definitely a container worth checking out. It has some of the well-liked features of older Apex rigs (sturdy construction, uber-comfy teardrop shaped container) with some interesting changes. This rig is perfect for low pack-volume UltraLite canopies. Unlike some of the other UL rigs out there, the Apex TL seems to maintain a sturdier, more durable construction. It may not be quite as light-weight as other similar containers on the market, but this thing will hold up to significant wear-and tear that is inevitable in base jumping, especially for those who jump at a high level on a regular basis. One of the best features is the through-loops themselves. What Apex has done is give the jumper the option of closing the container like a normal rig (for slider down/lower jumps) or converting to closing loops that are attached to the bottom of the pack tray itself. This allows one to squeeze the container down to a very slim profile, reducing drag and volume significantly. It's a really nice feature for wingsuiting and tracking. The conversion takes about 4 minutes, and once you adapt your pack-job (slightly) for this configuration, you'll be pleased with the results. Definitely geared towards the more advanced base jumper, but still a functional all-around container. It is one of the more affordable rigs in its class. Also, chicks totally dig it....seriously.<br>

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