Hasse Ullaeus
Date: August 24, 2012 Nationality: Swedish
Object Type: Earth
Location: Kjerag exit #6, Lysabotn, Norway
COD: Impact
Clothes / Suit: Tracking Suit


Hanss exited exit 6 on kjerag doing a two way track wearing a phoenix tracking suit. both jumpers had good separation from the cliff and pitched at a comfortable height. The pilot chute came out and extracted his canopy no lines were visible just roughly 10 feet of canopy that remained long and thin not caching any air. his body appeared to remain belly to earth and he impacted the talus at full speed.

Both jumpers were 1st to arrive at exit point and geared up on their own, they did not check each other and the other jumper did not see Hans checking his gear (not to say it didn't happen, he just didn't see it) Phoenix fly tracking suit, no go pro's apparent.

They were first to jump in a 2way from exit 6, both pulled at a reasonable safe height. Hans experienced only partial canopy extraction, approx 10ft of long skinny canopy not catching any air, being pulled by the pilot chute kept him in a belly to earth position until high speed impact on talus proving fatal.
Heli had reached the body before any jumper could, so no initial inspection of gear was undertaken. Cause is unknown and only theories exist at present.

Some theories are
  • Left packing clamps on gear
  • pull up cord left in pins after packing
  • pilot chute in tow

still waiting on a check of jumpers gear..

It seems although he did everything right at this stage. pulled at safe height, was not a low puller and also had enough seperation.
other factors played in this fatality and we hope we can find out soon