Tron K Torsen
Date: May 6, 2013 Nationality: Norwegian
Object Type: Earth
Location: High Ultimate
COD: Impact wall after head down exit
Clothes / Suit: WingSuit V3

The jumper in question is an experienced base jumper and was current in base jumping, But this exit is a technical exit being under-hung and preferably a running tracking exit, Jumper is reportedly pushed off in a wingsuit and went head down straight after leaving ramp and impacted ledge below exit killing him instantly.

Many Many jumpers are against the use of a ramp and a decision is being made whether to scrap the ramp and maintain a policy of do not build your own exits policy.This is the 4th fatality here at High ultimate In a wingsuit...

Tron was a leading member in the SBK in Norway and his workmates and friends will miss his bright smile and expertise in many areas.