Andreas Andy Pieper
Date: September 19, 2013 Nationality: German
Object Type: Earth
Location: Via Ferrata, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
COD: Impact. Unstable exit causing stability issues till impact
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit R-Bird


Skydives 2000+ Base jumps 230 (100 Slider up/ 50 in Prodigy)

Reports are coming in that the jumper was experienced at slider down jumps roughly 130 and had 100 slider up jumps and half of these in a prodigy wing suit.

Andy planned to head to the valley and get current on his prodigy for a few days before meeting his friends for more jumps in Brento where he was going to start flying the R-Bird.

After a few jumps in his prodigy , Andy decided to put on the r-bird and do his first jump on this slightly larger suit at Via Ferrata (Not a Beginners Wing suit Exit).

He exits unstable and never controls his flight until impacting talus (Killing him instantly) this causes the canopy to release ...

Jumpers in the valley commented that most of his exits in his prodigy are too head high and he is not flying as quick as he should be when exiting instead falling straight down...

** Jumpers are reminded that If you are going to perform a new Wingsuit then its best to travel to the appropriate site... Beginners wingsuit exits are well known, here is just a few ..... Kjerag (exit 6 Norway) , Brento Original Exit (Italy)

The sad thing about this was the jumper in question told everyone he is going to the valley to just fly his prodigy and that 5 days later will be travelling to Brento in Italy to test the R-bird......

He was an experienced skydiver of 20 years and a tandem master , He was known for being safe and cautious and one of BBC (Berlin Base Crews ) Nice guys..

He will be missed very much by his family, his long term girlfriend, German skydive community and Berlin base crew.

Know Your Limits....