Regardless of the price tag, the makers of cryptophones are obviously flourishing from providing services that allow to make it impossible for the National Security Agency spooks to decode your calls. Mobile security experts point out that, for instance, the GSMK CryptoPhone is a bright example of what is going on in the industry.

The developers explain that the CryptoPhone is based on Samsung’s Galaxy S3 handset with an extra Android ROM which allows encrypted calls, disables location tracking, and provides zero-knowledge encryption keys that won’t ever leave the device. This device will cost you $3,500, including 2 years of secure service.

The makers of GSMK CryptoPhones were among the first businesses to take advantage of the fact that the CPU performance of mobiles was sufficient enough to provide strong real-time voice encryption. For example, the company offers such feature as Zero-Knowledge. Its solutions are absolutely anonymous, and nobody, including the company selling the device and providing the service, will know who is using it. In addition, the CryptoPhone generates unique keys from static noise, which never leave the device and can’t be accessed by either the company or the user, thus making it impossible to share them.

Edward Snowden is recognized as the phones most successful marketer: after he started leaking NSA files in 2013, GSMK’s sales boomed. At the moment, there are over 100,000 CryptoPhones in use – hopefully, not all of them are used by murders and terrorists.

Aside from just the phones, the company can also offer satellite, landline, and PBX, all interconnected – this can provide full security at corporate level. Of course, this can be a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want government listening in on their calls, but not all of them are innocent companies that just try to protect themselves. Obtaining a satellite link, terrorists also have the perfect method to organize a raid from across the world with nobody finding out about it.

Posted by: oziman

Date: Thursday, April 10th, 2014