New 325m tall BASE jump tower proposed in Dubai

14 March 2016

A new 325-metre BASE jump tower has been proposed in Dubai, which would serve as the new focal point for extreme athletes. The extreme sports tower includes plans for climbing, high diving, and free-fall facilities.
A report published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat states that the proposed tower by lead design architect 10 Design features an ‘external hexagram skin’, which flares out at the base and top of the tower, to provide not only structural stability, but, also houses a series of extreme sport activities.
Conceptually, the tower’s functions emulate the ascent to Mount Everest, with multiple ‘base camps’.

The base and lower levels of the tower contain simulator, training and visitor experiences like climbing walls, free-fall facilities, and wire-assisted high diving. The tower’s three peaks are designed as platforms for wire assisted free-fall and BASE jump points.

The council did not reveal the name of the developer, but, said that the lower levels of the tower cater to tourists and families. The mid-levels of the tower features semi-external climbing and selling facilities, while the upper level would replicate a series of ‘ice cubes’ for experienced climbers and adventurous sports lovers.

The expected completion time of the tower is not known.