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About the New BASE Wiki.

About the New BASE Wiki

This page is a chapter in 'BASE Wiki BLiNC Magazine'

About the 'NEW' BASE Wiki: The BASE WIKI aims to be a collection of BASE knowledge contributed by many people. It tries to answer recurring questions. It is intended to enhance, not replace other sources of information. If you do not find what you are looking for, post your questions on The BASE Board forums.

The BASE Wiki, like most wikis (Wikipedia) can be edited by everybody. Due to the nature of our sport, the administrator feels that BASE WIKI requires more quality control than a fully public wiki could provide. Therefore, the information here can only be edited by a group of editors.

The BASE Wiki strives to have as many editors as possible, not necessarily contributing, but at the least keeping a watchful eye over the quality of the information that is offered. If you like to become an editor, see the Editors page. The only requirement is that you can contribute something useful or positive.

Most pages have a text box at the bottom where anybody (including non-editors and anonymous people) can leave a comment. If an editor finds a comment useful, it will be reworked back into the page itself.

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This is your website. Take it where you want it.

Over time, with sufficient input through comments, from editors and peer review, the information on this Wiki will hopefully converge towards what is commonly accepted wisdom in the BASE community.

BLiNC Magazine strongly encourages readers to comment on its content. Read the Disclaimer and the policy on Site Naming. Posting a comment releases it in the Public Domain. These comments will be moderated. If you see inappropriate content, please notify the administrator
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