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BASE Number Application

This page is a chapter in 'BASE Wiki About BASE Jumping'

Applying for your BASE Number: Once a BASE jumper has jumped from all four objects and completes the “BASE” acronym, he or she can apply for a BASE number. The first BASE number was awarded in 1981 to Texas jumper Phil Smith. Carl Boenish, the inventor of the BASE acronym, received BASE #4.

Since then, BASE has grown exponentially and in early 2005 the number 1000 was awarded. http://www.basenumbers.org is an unofficial website that tracks the numbers and their dates. It has a chart that gives an idea of the growth of the sport. Is it not mandatory to get your BASE number.

There are many successful BASE jumpers without a number. However, BASE WIKI recommends applying when you qualify. It is the number that will link you back to the beginning of the sport and give you a place in History.


To apply for your BASE number, contact the United States Base Association (USBA) through Rick or Joy Harrison.
Quote Originally Posted by Rik Harrison
Thanks for placing a link to the numbers. Carl would be happy but not surprised that we have now gone over a thousand. He always knew it would grow. Twenty years ago, even ten, most folks didn’t even know what BASE jumping was. Now it’s pretty common knowledge and sites like yours help educate people of what it really is and not the typical crazy stereotype. BASE jumpers want to feel and enjoy life in the most intense way of nearly any sport. Why else would we keep coming back for more when it’s still scary.

Here are the instructions:

Hello BASE Jumpers: Joy and I issue the original World BASE Numbers and Night BASE Numbers which were started by Carl and Jean Boenish in January 1981 when the first BASE number was earned. Carl always believed that BASE jumping would catch on, and he was right. Your BASE number is your link back to the beginning of our sport. To apply for a BASE Number, we need the following information:
  1. Name, Address, or a self addressed envelope. Phone number is optional.
  2. Name and/or location and altitude of each of the four objects.
  3. Date of each object, especially the date and TIME of your qualifying jump. The time of the qualifying jump is important in case someone else in the world qualified on the same day.
  4. Any descriptions of the jumps, or jump stories, will be appreciated as we enjoy them. Of course, they will remain confidential.
  5. On the subject of donations, we ask for $10 to issue a number to help cover our costs for postage and supplies, totally voluntary. If you want the plastic card with your number and qualifying date and Carl Boenish’s signature embossed, there is a $5 fee.
In respect for privacy of individuals, and integrity of the BASE Numbers, we will not be issuing them by email. Our original BASE Constitution requires confidentiality. We will take the information about your jumps by email in order to lock in your date until we receive your letter. We wait thirty days after the date of your qualifying jump to issue your number to make sure the rest of the worlds mail has time to get here. Keep having fun, always pay attention to detail!

Mail To:

Rick and Joy Harrison
7316 Houston Drive
Hitchcock TX 77563 USA
Email: Joy or Rick

After you get your BASE Number, feel free to create a story page in the BASE Numbers Listing to tell about your story and dates for getting your BASE Number. This is not mandatory, but if you would like to tell your story, feel free to do so.


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