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Everything you need to know about Getting Into BASE Jumping.

Welcome to BLiNC Magazine BASE Wiki, explore, read, understand, and Good Luck.

There are many ways to get into BASE and many opinions on BASE out there, make sure you talk to many different people and read all the available Resources before making that first jump.

BLiNC suggests the following steps:

  1. Make sure you gain an Understanding of what BASE really is. Your idea of BASE might be more romantic than what the reality is. Reconsider whether BASE is what you really want.
  2. Make sure you are the Type of Person that will make a good BASE jumper. Reconsider if you are what BASE really wants.
  3. Tell your Friends and Family about your plans.
  4. Become an expert at Skydiving with a focus on BASE Jumping skills such as canopy control.
  5. Take a First Jump Course(FJC) from a recommended manufacturer or teacher.
  6. Respectthe sport.

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