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About the New BASE Wiki.

BLiNC Team Members

This page is a chapter in 'BASE Wiki BLiNC Magazine'

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce The BASE Board (BLiNC Magazine) Team Staff Members. (alphabetical order)

Abbie Mashaal (Staff Member)
  • Based out of Twin Falls, Idaho in the US, Abbie runs a small BASE jumper friendly Cessna dropzone (www.SnakeRiverSkydiving.com) and spends his time rigging (www.Splatula.com) and jumping when not at his real job that allows him to afford keeping the other businesses open. He's also quite the computer geek.

Bill Snyder (Staff Member)
  • Based in Michigan, Bill also runs a small, multiple Cessna, BASE friendly Drop Zone (www.SkydiveAllegan.com). He is a Senior Rigger, PRO rated skydiver, Apex BASE dealer, started BASE jumping in 2008, and has been reading BLiNC Magazine.com since 2000.

Johnny Utah (Staff Member)
  • Johnny has made over 1,700 BASE jumps in 19 years and is a 3x World Champion BASE jumper having won the 2001 World BASE Cup in Malaysia, the 2004 BASE World Championships in Moscow, and 2009 BASE World Championship in Spain. In 1998 he won the Champion title at the West Coast Cup - USA. He also placed 2nd at the 2002 World BASE Cup and 3rd at the 2008 Indoor BASE World Cup. Johnny is the inventor of BASE Camp which is a longer and more intensive method of FJC. Johnny also produced 2 videos popular with beginners: "BASE Packing Video" and "The Bridge Day Safety Video"

Mac (Staff Member)
  • Based in the UK, started jumping in 2002. Mac is also administrator on the UK BASE forum (www.BASEJumper.org).

Mick Knutson (Founder / Administrator)
  • Mick created BLiNC Magazine in 1994. Originally just a discussion forum called "The BASE Board". It was only 1 forum.

Chris Harvey (Staff Member)
  • Based in Boise, Idaho, Chris has been a mililtary parachutist since 1991, a skydiver since 1992, and a BASE jumper since 2006. He spent eight years in Marine Reconnaissance and is currently an Officer in the US Army. He is a graduate of US Army Airborne, Pathfinder, and Air Assault Schools as well as US Navy Dive School. He has served combat tours in Desert Storm and Iraq, where he was a recipient of the Bronze Star.

Tom Lundergan (Staff Member)
  • Based in North Florida, ~Tom began parachuting in 2002, works at dropzones in the southeast and teaches 14th grade, when he is not jumping, or posting, he enjoys martial arts, chess, books, and movies.

Tree (Staff Member)
  • [coming soon]
The entire BLiNC Magazine Team thanks you for your continued support since 1994.

BLiNC Magazine, "Everything you ever wanted to know about BASE jumping; (and now you have someone to ask)".

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