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Brian Stout

Brian Stout
Date: June 15, 2002 Nationality: American
Object Type: Span
Location: Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho, United States
COD: Impact
Clothes / Suit: Normal Clothes

This is the first Perrine Bridge BASE fatality and the second to occur in the Twin Falls area.

The following is from a letter I received from Brian's father.
In respect for a father who has lost a son, I'm printing it here just as he wrote it. There is speculation on your list about a rubber band packing error.

I must tell you that there were two official investigations concerning Brian's death. Neither one mentioned a rubber band error theory or even came close to speculating about it. In fact, Brian gave his mother the rubber band that he was using for the packing of the pilot chute just moments before he jumped. He jokingly made a comment to her that leaving the rubber band in the pack job could very well ruin a good day.

What we have are the facts: Brian was using a 38 pilot chute, a 6' ft 9" in bridle; went stowed for the very first time on his fatal jump; was assigned a 1.5 second delay, was on his 12th BASE jump, and was on a big 8-way coordinated jump at the Perrine when he was killed.

His pilot chute was in tow and opened just point four (.4) seconds before he hit the water.

His canopy was not extracted from his container. He was killed on impact.

The people who have made the speculation comments are people who are feeling guilty about Brian's death and are trying real hard to find a reason for his death that makes them feel less guilty.

Bottom line: Brian should not have been on that load with his obvious inexperience going stowed with a 1.5 second delay with the gear configuration that he was using. The people on that load and Brian's friends who brought him into BASE jumping are the ones who let him down and allowed him to use equipment that was not right for that jump (considering all the complexities of the jump that I have mentioned). I don't guess you would allow my speculation just presented above to be on your list. Therefore, I am asking that you remove the speculation comments about the rubber band packing error from the list as well. The family is very sensitive about this issue. And it is just totally wrong. He was 24 years old.

Posting from father: http://www.blincmagazine.com/forum/s...ht=Brian+Stout

The video has leaked onto the internet of this incident: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5d7_1386874968

If you have a picture of this jumper please contact us

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