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Bryan Turner
Date: March 9, 2015 Nationality: Canadian
Object Type: Span
Location: Perrine Bridge, Idaho, USA
COD: Impact
Clothes / Suit: Normal Clothes


Bryan Turner was killed in a BASE jumping accident on March 9, 2015 at approximately noon.
Bryan was jumping from the regular exit point of the Perrine Bridge over the Snake River
Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA. He experienced a closed container impact in deep water. He
was unconscious from impact onward, but was breathing upon initial recovery. His breathing
stopped after recovery onto dry ground, and CPR was initiated by jumpers on the scene
approximately 5 minutes after impact. Professional rescuers arrived via helicopter shortly
thereafter and Bryan was transported to St Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center. He was
pronounced dead by a physician in the Emergency Department around 1:30pm.

Bryan took a short delay (approximately 1.5 seconds) with a closed container and the pilot chute
(PC) stowed in the bottom of container (BOC) pouch.
Bryan’s PC throw was normal and the pilot chute inflated as expected, achieving full inflation
and bridle extension.
The PC exerted appropriate pull force, as demonstrated by the bridle clearing the channel on the
bottom flap of the container (clearly visible on the video).
The bottom pin remained in the closing loop until impact at approximately 5.25 seconds. During
the freefall, Bryan was in various body positions, beginning slightly head high, then rotating
head low, and finally rolling onto his left side, which was his body position at impact. The bridle
was pulled in various directions by the full force of the PC. In addition, Bryan managed to grasp
his bridle in his hand for approximately .75 seconds near the end of the freefall, but was unable
to manually extract the bottom pin.
On gear inspection, the top closing loop was found intact, and the bottom loop was found
broken, which almost certainly indicates that the bottom pin was still in the loop at impact, but
the top pin had cleared the top loop.
The cause of the container lock cannot be determined with complete reliability. Various
malfunction modes have been discovered on another container similarly configured, and are
detailed in a separate document.

The weather at the time of the accident was mild, with temperatures around 60 degrees (F) and
very light winds. Wind at exit was approximately 3-4 miles per hour in the tailwind direction.
Winds at landing were negligible.

Container: Helium
Size: He-5
Serial Number: 1373
Date of Manufacture: September 2011
Manufacturer: Morpheus Technologies, Zephyrhills, Florida, USA
Canopy: Troll MDV
Size: 265
Serial Number: 39380304
Date of Manufacture: March 2004
Manufacturer: Atair, Skofja Loka, Slovenia
Pilot Chute: Zero Porosity A/V (apex vent)
Size: 42”
Date of Manufacture: Approximately 2013
Manufacturer: Asylum Designs, Auburn, California, USA
Bridle: 2 pin
Top pin fixed, bottom pin floating
The bridle was constructed by Bryan Turner (the jumper) sometime in the summer of 2014.
Closing Loops:
The intact closing loop on this rig was found to be large enough to admit the eye of the pin on
the bridle.

Other factors:
Bryan packed this rig at Centennial Park (at the bottom of the canyon). He was slightly rushed
to finish his pack job, because the other jumpers there had finished packing and were returning to
the bridge and he wanted to ride in their van back to the top.
Bryan did not receive a gear check from any other jumper prior to exit.
This report was compiled by Tom Aiello from video, jumper interviews and gear inspection
immediately following the accident.

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