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Earth (E) is the 4th object in the B.A.S.E. Acronym.
Please note each of the 4 main object types have their
own special considerations and optimal wind conditions.

An Earth Object can be any of the following: Mountain,
cliff, cave, or quarry - basically any land formation
that allows enough altitude for jumping.

Most jumpers agree that the worst wind conditions for an
Earth jump is a head wind. Another consideration that is
unique for E jumps is the surface of the rock at opening
altitude, because it could become very important should
the jumper have an opening that is 180 degrees off heading
and suffer a cliff strike.

Smooth cliffs and vents provide a jumper with the best
chances of staying inflated and turning the wing away
from the rock face. An un-vented canopy plus narly
rock face = less favorable odds.

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