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Gone but not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten

Included here are friends/BASE jumpers who died doing other activities as well as the whole BASE fatality list..

Name | Date | Details | bf#

William HarmonApril 11, 1981Hit antenna1
Larry JacksonOctober, 1981Hit wall2
Frank DonnellanJune 2, 1982BASE 12Pullupcord attached3
Jimmy TylerJanuary 1, 1982BASE 13 wall strike4
Michael Glenn WilliamsOctober 1, 1983drowned5
Pauli BelikMarch 7, 1983frozen canopy6
Carl BoenishJune 7, 1984BASE 4 Impacted trollwall7
Jurgen HåkonsonAugust 18, 1985unstable impact8
Jari MynttinenAugust 24, 1985Unstable impact9
Marilyn EttemaJanuary 1,1986BASE 154 wall strike10
John Raymond "Fossie Bear" FosterJune 30, 1986unstable impact11
Rick StanleyJanuary 1, 1986Drowned12
Jeb WilliamsJanuary 1,1986Impact ground13
Michael GibbardJanuary 1, 1987Impact14
Antonio VanoneAugust 23, 1987Wallstrike15
Steve GyrstingOctober 10, 1987wrong pc selected16
Marlen BufordJanuary 1,1988impacted wall17
Mitch RenoOctober 23,1988impacted ground18
David DunblazierJanuary 1,1989line twists impact19
Richard (Dick) PedleyDecember 17, 1989Impact wall BASE 26320
Jean-Marc BoivinFebruary 17, 1989impact wall21
Mike HeronJanuary 1,1990bridle hangup22
Robert Morris, Jr.June 10, 1990BASE 275 pilot chute in tow23
Darren NewtonMay 20th 1992180 building strike24
Marita SchneiderJanuary 1, 1993line twist wall strike25
Jonathan BowlinJanuary 1,1993BASE 76 canopy wrap26
Joe ShawJanuary 1,1993offheading27
Susan OatlyJanuary 1,1993impact wall freefall28
Jason RooneyNovember 15, 1993slipped unprepared29
Paul ThompsonJanuary 1,1994wallstrike30
Xaver BongardApril 15, 1994linetwist to impact31
Andre JewettApril 3, 1994canopy snivel impact32
Robert OverackerOctober 1,1995Drowning33
Theresa TranDecember 20, 1995pilot chute locked34
Don SampsonJanuary 1,1996hook turn into wall35
Sebastian DectotAugust 16, 1996fliming on back36
Jeff "Maggilla" ChristmanOctober 21, 1996off heading37
Alexander HasekeOctober 28, 1996BASE 429 off heading38
Gary DawsonDecember 25, 1996offheading impact39
Stina-Ulla OstbergJuly 29, 1997unstable impact40
Torben PetersenAugust 4, 1997off heading41
Christopher KennedyDecember 2,1997wrong gear set up42
Bob "Bromo" NeelyMay 14, 1998delay too long43
Thor Alex KappfjellJuly 7, 1999jumped in cloud44
Daniel TwomeyAugust 4, 1999imapct wall45
Joshua Michael McVayAugust 8, 1999impact wallstrike46
Kirill GoretovAugust, 15 1999wallstrike47
Jan DavisOctober 22, 1999borrowed gear48
Roger ButlerFebruary 9, 2000drowned49
Andrea QuarisaMay 7, 2000fliming on back50
Terry ForrestalJune 10, 2000off heading impact51
Valentino VentoriAugust 5, 2000unstable to impact52
Jerge Juan DomenchNovember 2, 2000high winds53
Fred ??January 1, 2000no experience54
Trevor YatesJanuary 1, 2000pc and bridle selection55
Michael "Schelfy" SchaferJanuary 1, 2001offheading56
Thierry Van RoyApril 2, 2001filming on back57
Erin Aimee EngleJuly 22, 2001short delay58
Massimo MazzeoSeptember 27, 2001impact total59
Name Withheld (Male)January 1, 2001unstable exit60
Unknown (Male)April 1st 2002unstable exit61
Andrei GrunbergMay 1, 2002Impacted wall on a antenna62
Lee (Skypunk) WerlingMay 29 ,2002ImpactedgroundAntenna63
Brian StoutJune 15, 2002Impacted water64
Lori BarrJuly 23, 2002Kjerag no experience65
Dr. Nikolas (Nik) HartshorneAugust 6, 2002hit wall66
Wolfgang "Wolle" BäumerAugust 13, 2002camera67
Christophe AvertyAugust 15, 2002wall strike68
Tore LillebostadAugust 25, 2002unstable69
Kirill KiselevSeptember 1, 2002low pull70
Rob TompkinsSeptember 12, 2002wingsuit gainer71
Lukas KnutssonOctober 11, 2002burble72
Robert HindenJanuary 11, 2003Offheading73
Bill FroggeJanuary 27, 2003Pilot chute unattached74
Alexi KosarevApril 5, 2003offheading wallstrike75
Linus RainsJuly 23, 2003wallstrike76
Fabrice ParentAugust 10, 2003wallstrike77
Gabi DematteAugust 13, 2003impact ledge in flight78
Jason CorcoranOctober 9, 2003over delayed79
BrunoNovember 23, 2003bridle entaglement80
Alexander papucaMay 3, 2004deploy too late81
Andi KrennerJune 18, 2004impacted wall82
Jeff BarkerJuly 5, 2004impacted ledge in freefall83
Duane ThomasAugust 21, 2004low pull84
Roland (Slim) SimpsonOctober 22, 2004low pull line twists85
Jason Fitz-HerbertOctober 29, 2004impact ledge86
Erich WagarNovember 17, 2004BASE 598 low pull87
Johannes TeiglandMarch 24, 2005impact wall88
Olov Axel KappfjellMay 16, 2005impact building89
Siller WolfgangMay 21, 2005high winds90
Jurij GraciovJuly 3, 2005wallstrike91
Darcy ZoitsasJuly 19, 2005unstable at pull92
Vadim "Vertz" VertzgaizerNovember 11, 2005guyed wire93
Julian "Tom" ManshipDecember 31, 2005BASE 652 Impact ground94
Paul Smith-CrallanMarch 15, 2006pull up cord95
Stephan GrossmanApril 15, 2006180 wall strike96
Stephine llonideApril 16, 2006Off heading97
Alexey SayutinMay 6, 2006offheading98
Tony "Coombesy"CoombesMay 27, 2006wall strike99
Shannon Carmel DeanMay 29, 2006pc hesitation100
Mario MassatoJune 18, 2006Bridle warp101
Berndt StecherSeptember 9,2006impact wall102
Adam GibsonSeptember 15, 2006impacted ledge103
Brian Lee SchubertOctober 21,2006pc hesitation104
Joe LathropNovember 3,2006pull up cord105
Csaba ZsirosNovember 18 2006filming on back106
Edgar KrausDecember 27 2006filming on back107
Rene DuriauxJanuary 4,2007Offheading108
Alexander ChavdarJanuary 28,2007low pull109
Sean RichardsFebruary 10, 2007off heading110
Mikhail PanchenkoMarch 21,2007hypothermia water111
Yegor DrozdovApril 10,2007high winds112
Jimmy HallMay 9,2007impact ledge113
Jean Marc-Moulignejune 30,2007drowned114
Nikolai EnsJuly 7,2007impact115
Stephen Richard "STEVO" AndertonAugust 14,2007low turn116
Bert BrooksSeptember 7,2007off heading117
Marcelo DutraSeptember 13,2007no pilot chute118
Oleg KudriaSeptember 30 ,2007bridle knot119
Alexander BogoroditskiyOctober 9, 2007pc in tow120
Jefersen BitencourtOctober 13,2007cutaway fall121
Emanuele AmadoriMay 25,2008pc in tow122
Angus "Gus" Hutchison-BrownMay 25,2008low pull123
Yoann LizerouxJuly 1,2008Impact ledge124
Ben CannonAugust 22,2008Low pull125
Tommy tiger HjertoSeptember 9 2008impact126
Simon Skovgaard JensenSeptember 11,2008unstable exit127
Igor "Anis" AnisenkoOctober 16,2008impact ledge128
Daniel "Papy" JacqueminDecember 29 ,2008pc hesitation129
Chad Dennis SuppaFebruary 15 ,2009cliffstrike130
Roar RostenFebruary 1, 2009 (W#16)offheading131
Aleksei IrzhembickijFebruary 28,2009pc issues132
James Shane McconkeyMarch 26, 2009 (W#17)unstable at pull time133
Gorm Irgens UstlieApril 7, 2009 (W#18)off heading134
Thibauxjune 2009Offheading135
Mike "Mikey" WarrenAugust 11, 2009 (W#19)Low pull136
Stefan Drenchev-TsafaSeptember 7,2009180137
Leroy BuckleySeptember 9, 2009 (W#20)Impact ledge138
Jimmy FreemanOctober 31, 2009 (W#21)Impact trees139
Ueli GegenschatzNovember 13,2009Impacted building140
Scott "Moose" DoyleNovember 19,2009Cliffstrike141
Bernd StrehleNovember 28,2009impact ledge142
Darrel DunafonDecember 4,2009powerlines143
Darren BullDecember 21, 2009 (W#22)slipped144
Mark MosleyJanuary 16 2010slipped145
Geoffrey RobsonApril 12, 2010 (W#23)impact ledge146
Michael AvanziApril 26,2010 (W#24)impact wal147
Jim MitchellMay 9 2010 (W#25)slipped148
Daryl NorrisMay 23 ,2010pc issues149
Jeremy FrancoisJuly 8, 2010 (W#26)impact ledge150
Tyler S. StimsonJuly 16, 2010bridle wrap151
Alison MartinezJuly 22 2010offheading152
Anton KnestyapinJuly 24 , 2010no seperation153
Aude-Marianne BeretucchiJuly 25 2010offheading154
Herbert WeissmannAugust 4, 2010offheading155
Clement borrelAugust 4 2010cliff strike under canopy156
Will HeidebrechtSeptember 14 2010low pull pc issues157
Kylie "Buffy" TantiSeptember 28, 2010go pro wrap158
Yngve Fusker FjeldstadOctober 8 2010Impact159
Mike 'Mercyless' MarkoDecember 30 2010impact ledge160
Gary HarbirdJanuary 25, 2011Impact ledge161
Lucas OliverJanuary 30, 2011bridle wrap162
Max MoretApril 30, 2011pc issues163
Evgens ChernatskijMay 3 2011wall impact164
Mirko (BBC) SmidtMay 6 2011low pull165
Michel GaillardouJune, 3, 2011impact wall166
Bryan Hirn (W#32)June 9, 2011impact wall167
Ted RuddJune 13 2011impact wall168
Rudolphe climentJune 26 2011wall strike169
Dave "Cable Dave" KaraffaJuly 7 2011(W#33)impact ledge170
Jeremy GraczykJuly 12 2011died on mushroom,impact wall171
Arne AarsetJuly 18 2011romsdalhorn low pull172
Olivier LabaudieAugust 14 2011Massif de la Croix173
Pete CertainSeptember 3 2011Twin Falls174
Fabrice RieuSeptember 9 2011France175
Nico MüllerSeptember 15 2011Switzerland176
Valentina RotarSeptember 16, 2011High Nose177
Rob KellyOctober 15, 2011France178
Antoine MontantOctober 21, 2011Impact ledge179
Holly BrittsanNovember 15, 2011Low jump impact180
Jonathan TagleJune 26,2012canopy collision on tree
Matt GoldMay???2012wingsuit skydive death
Mike Allen[date?]BASE 163,car accident florida alligator alley,
Alf Humphries1995suicide.(After a BASE jump that left him severly disabled).
John CartaSeptember 1990BASE 118,plane crash
Brad "Banzi" Buffingtonsuicide
Bradley Smith1997BASE 8, suicide
Mark SechlerBASE 34canopy wrap
Rick Shillabeer2005BASE 43, emphysema.
Mike Perron1986BASE 5, plane crash
Levi GreenSkydivingBASE 51
Jim DiasBASE 67,terminal illness
Andrew ThortonTennessee in 89-91?BASE 78, plane crash
Steve McEllwain1992terminal illness
Sean Kerridge2012-feb 17speedflying accident
Stig A Knudsen12 Nov 2013Brain Tumour
Steve "Dead Steve" Morrell1996BASE 174 (skydiving accident)
Larry "Blowhole" March,Looney Larry
Steve MulhollandDecember 8, 1997High altitude died in south pole
Manual GonzalesBASE 203, skydiving
Shane RevittApril 13 2007BASE 235,Climbing
John Hoover2000BASE 95,car accident
Frank GambalieJune 9,1999Drown in elcap running
Rob SlaterAugust 20 1995BASE 42, died on K 2 (climbing mountain)
John MjöenAugust 16, 1996opened trollspiret , died tandem in denmark
Lee HulettOctober, 1997BASE 420 skydiving
Patrick de GayardonApril 13 1998sewn in pilot chute
Seth Blake1998tandem crash
Earl RedfernJuly 18, 2000 BASE 300plane crash
Clint FordJuly 18, 2000plane crash
Matt "Kevin" McMannescar accident
Jay JohnsonJanuary 14 2001plane crash king air utah
Chuck WilsonJanuary 14 2001king air crash Tooele valley
Nathan HallJanuary 14 2001King air crash Utah
Jurgen OrnburgerFebruary, 2002he fell off la mousse
Kataya NemtsovaApril, 2002suicide
Henry Bivinsheart attack
Eric R. DavisAugust 31, 2002suicide
Will ForshayApril 8, 2003BASE 702 plane crash falcon 20
Martin SiddellMay 11, 2003skydiving
Jesper Emil OlsenJuly 9, 2003fell while hiking in Norway, no rig
Gerald StriegelAugust 23, 2003skydiving
Dwain WestonOctober 7, 2003Impacted bridge during a skydiving (not a BASE related incident)
Rob Tonnesen2003asphyxiation
Dave FlannellNovember 19, 2003rappelling accident cave of swallows Mexico
Fumio KuboJanuary 12 2004tandem accident
Rob FryAugust 2004skateboarding accident
Dima ObodSeptember 5, 2004Motor bike crash Moscow
Neil QueminetOctober 5, 2004BASE 796 krabi climbing thailand
Chris MartinSkydiving bridle wrap
Ronny BandidosHeart failure
Claudio clod CeroniJune 30, 2004BASE 724. Died in Motorbike accident.
Joshua Joseph WhippleFebruary 10, 2005suicide
Jeffery S. TaylorJune 28, 2005BASE 789,navy seal killed rocket attack
Shawn K. DiGeorgeAugust 28, 2005natural causes
John (Jo) StanleySeptember 11, 2005BASE 82, sail plane crash
Paul “Slugger” MyksJuly 31, 1999king air crash michigan
Matt MyersJuly 31, 1999King air crash michigan
Adrian NicholasSeptember 17, 2005AAD Fire/Internal injuries
Dr. David Christopher WilliamsBrain tumour
Kenny Swyers1980killed on slipping down st loius arch after landing
Gary CullenJune 19, 2010Died during a groundlauching incident in Eagles nest (Kjerag).
Christophe PommeMarch 2011died in a car accident in new caledonia
Jakob KJune 22 2011fell while lost in fog on Buffalo Bill exit in Swiss Valley
Val MontantFebruary 25, 2006died hiking back home
Ted StrongOctober 14 , 2011military training exercise
Eli ThomsonAugust 28, 2009Died in Lauterbrunnen filming red bull movie
Bill BeckMay 2012Murdered (girlfriend)
Mark SuttonAugust 14, 2013Died in a heli event near Martigny
Daniel Self2011Suicide gunshot
Dan VicaryMarch 29, 2014Heli base Impact flying low level terrain
Ludovic WoerthMarch 29, 2014Heli base Impact flying low level terrain (Filming)
Brian DrakeMarch 29, 2014Heli base Impact flying low level terrain (Filming)
Jeff NebelkopfMay 24,2014Skydiving Malfunction
Pierre Buro (Bodhi Mcfly)May 29, 2014Speedflying Accident
Ralph Greeny GreenawaySept 2014Missing whilst Back country Jumping
David StadelmannOctober 15, 2011Speedflying AccidentAborted take off
Walden Grindle22 September 2013Speedflying AccidentImpact full flight
Evan WhitlockDecember 4, 2010Speedflying Accidentmalfunctioned
Marcelo MatosFebruary 14th , 2015wingsuit jump from planeHeli base Impact flying low level terrain
Juhani Ali-TolppaApril 20, 2014Plane crash in finlandPlane crash
Dario Bario DominguezJune 6, 2014Demo jump for alvaro BultoImpact low level terrain
Tiago Amorim CobraAugust 10, 2015running exit from Pedra BonitaRamp was closed High winds..
Adam bennettSeptember 4, 2010Plane crash9 people killed in skydiving plane crash
Michael SuterSeptember 4, 2010Plane Crash9 people killed plane crash
Rami Kipa KajalaJanuary 20, 2016Drowning at bixbyDied a hero trying to save a jumper
Tancrède MeletJanuary 5, 2016balloon accidentDied slipping from balloon
Darel DavenportJanuary 8, 2016Fell From multi story buildingSlipped and fell 39 storys
Toby BenhamSeptemeber 8, 2015Died from impacting ledgeDied on a rope swing
Hannes ArchSeptember 9, 2016Died in a helicopter CrashHelicopter
Kristian johansenDecember , 2014SuicideSuicide
Patrick De Gayardon de FenoylApril 13 , 1998rigging error with main and reservejumping from plane
Marc-André DenaultNovember 14, 2016SuicideSuicide
Gleb VorevodinFebruary 12, 2017Helicopter crashHelo Crash
Nicolas HormansFebruary 24, 2017SuicideSuicide
Kurt RuppertJanuary 3, 2012Went Missing on a helicopter jumpMissing on Skydive
Seth StoneSeptember 30, 2017Balloon Jump with Base gearBase gear Mal
Jerry ' Maggot' PiccolaJune 28-30th, 2008Motorcycle Accident died shortly after in HospitalMotorbike Accident
Alexander PogrebovDecember 1, 2017Paragliding Jump impacted​Paragliding Jump impacted
Franky KowaasSeptember 27, 2018Buried under Hotel CollapseEarthquake Indonesia
Petra MandagiSeptember 27, 2018Buried under Hotel CollapseEarthquake Indonesia
Christophe LedentJune 18, 2019Using Base gear from UltralightImpacted under partial canopy
Angelo Niko GrubisicAugust 22, 2019Heli Base in Saudi ArabiaImpacted in full flight
Nolan SmytheMarch 6, 2020Climbing in El Gigante Ledge collasped sheering rope Fell to his death
Austin CareyJune 26, 2020Missing in twin falls river after jumpingDrowning
Vince ReffetNovember 18, 2020Jet pack and wing crash under 200ft DubaiCrashed Jet wing and pack

*** NOTE: If there is NOT a BF# or a W#, then the person did not die on a BASE Jump.

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