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Ground Crew are usually people taken along on a BASE jump that are not actually jumping and they can be there for a variety of reasons.

Non jumping people can be invaluable depending on the logistics of the jump. They can be responsible for driving gear and jumpers to/from the object, for dropping jumpers off on something like a bridge where the object might be compromised by a group of people walking along it with parachutes on their backs or for quickly picking jumpers up after landing so as to effect a quicker get away on something such as an urban or downtown building jump in order to minimize exposure.

Having communication with people on the ground can be very helpful as a lookout or to report to the jumpers of changing conditions or situations on the ground that may not be obvious to those on the object. They can assist in entering or exiting the site as they are not necessarily encumbered with gear.

People on Ground Crew can also be aspiring jumpers or someone who is interested in getting more BASE specific information or knowledge. It is an excellent way to introduce people to the activity, get them some experience in procedures, and teach them basic skills.

It is also possible that people serving as Ground Crew are merely sightseers who just want to watch an actual BASE jump.

No matter what the reason for having a Ground Crew is, care should be taken in selecting people to be involved. Ground Crew should be briefed on jump procedures and should be familiar with not only BASE jumping but with the specifics of that particular jump. Before going out, you should have a plan of what to do in different scenarios; how are you going to handle if someone gets hurt? Where do you meet up if something happens and you get separated? What if authorities show up while jumpers are on the object? Make sure everybody is on the same page as adding additional people to the jump can also increase the likely hood of it turning in to a clusterfuck!

Make sure the people chosen to Ground Crew for you are heads up and responsible so that the sites they are taken to are not compromised or shut down.

TODO, get a car, first-aid-kit, radio, cellphone, and go! Talk about things that are important for ground-crewer's. Have first aid knowledge.
Also, talk from opposite point of view, picking the people you let groundcrew for you.

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