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Italy Terminal

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Italian Terminal and Subterminal Wall: For those of you who haven't been to the Italian Wall there is a green metal tower close to the exit point.

Italian Wall
On this tower the rules for jumping the wall are written in 4 different languages. English, French, German and Italian.

It seems in recent times visiting jumpers are losing the ability to read (you have to walk 1/2 a meter around the tower to read the English version):

New Calendar for trip coordination now available:


1. Be the holder of a sport skydiving license and have done at least 300 skydives, of which at least 100 in the latest 12 months, if student. It must be considered “student” whoever jumper has not yet done at least 15 BASE jumps under the supervision of an acknowledged BASE jump instructor (*).

2. Access to BASE sites of Province of Trento having done at least 50 BASE jumps with the exception of MB where it is enough to have done 15 BASE jumps.

3. Use exclusively equipment and material SPECIFIC for BASE jumping. Do not use sport skydiving equipment, original or modified.

4. Do not jump in case of adverse meteorological conditions, wind magnitude greater than 2 m/sec or insufficient visibility.

5. Always do a check-in - check-out procedure with ground crew or with other equivalent reference.

6. Follow strictly times and procedures established for the particular site, also with reference to equipment in use. For jumps from MB they are recommended the following times and procedures for freefall: not less than 7 and not more 8 seconds of vertical freefall in box position, or not less than 7 seconds and not more than 12 seconds for the jumpers capable of doing an EFFECTIVE track (at least to pass over the talus). BASE jumpers equipped with single canopy rigs shall have to do an effective track in order to pass over the talus at the base of the “Vertigine” wall.

7. Do not jump after ephemeris (sunset).

8. Once on the exit, move with extreme caution in order to avoid fall of stones.

9. For possible rescue calls, call 118.

10. In case or helicopter rescue, the canopy, if possible, shall be cut away and discarded or folded and disposed in order not to be affected by turbulence caused by helicopter rotors, avoiding so a dangerous source of danger for both the possible dragging of the injured jumper and the helicopter.

Italian Wall
The tower also carries the names of the people who have lost their lives jumping at MB. The site is visited by much less people than the Norwegian Fjords but there have still been 6 fatalities in the past 5 years.

Please read: BASE Fatality List

Numbers 43, 44, 48, 58, 73, 86. Low experience level seems to have played a factor in 5 of these incidents.

Take care and respect the environment, avoid leaving litter.

Leave your car at the parking area just after SG. Do NOT try and drive your car up the forest tracks as this is forbidden.

Jumpers wishing to start flying wingsuits at MB should have at least 50 BASE jumps and have read the following article:

The Italian Terminal Wall is a unique asset in the world of BASE. Lets keep it safe, clean and legal for all of us.

TODO: edit to add ITW rules website link.

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