Jorge Juan Domenech


Date: November 02, 2000
Nationality: Spanish
Object Type: Earth
Location: Monte Brento, Italy
COD: Object Strike
Clothes / Suit: Normal Clothes
Gear / Parachute: TBD
Age: TBD
Experience: TBD
BASE Experience: TBD
Time of day: TBD


Jorge is an experienced skydiver and had made a couple of previous cliff BASE jumps from Kjerag.
Here's the story from someone on the load.

We are a pretty big group at the launch point, and I'd just met Jorge and his friends that day and this is the first jump we planned on doing together. The conditions are pretty bad. It is raining and the wind is strong and gusty.
We stayed in the cave near the launch for a pretty long time and waited.
When we had about 30 minutes to an hour of daylight left we went down to the launch point to make a decision.
The conditions are better, but not good. I think if anybody had said, let's go down, everybody would have gone.
But we decided to jump.

The wind is coming from the right, so we agreed on going low enough to be in the wind shadow of the wall, below the turbulence, but high enough to deal with any heading problems.
Jorge jumped last and deployed his canopy higher than all the others.
After opening he flew parallel to the wall until he impacted in the big corner.
His canopy collapsed and he slid down several hundred meters on the almost vertical wall dragging the canopy behind him.

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