Kristian Tolas Trondsen

Date: January 3, 2018
Nationality: Norwegian
Location: Sortussen, Molde-Norway
Object Type: Earth
COD: No Pull
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit Sukhoi 2
Gear /Parachute: Hybrid Ld / Trango 225
Age: 28
Skydive Experience: TBD
BASE Experience: TBD
WS BASE Experience: TBD
Number of WS BASE Jumps from this exit: 8-10
Years in Base: 5
Time of day: 12:06pm
Causal factors: TBD
Exit Altitude: 900 metres
Conditions: Below -0 (snow) conditions on valley floor
Wind on ground: TBD
Wind on exit: TBD
Wind mid flight: TBD

Kristian jumped an exit that he had jumped 8-10 times the previous year and was experienced to jump in cold winter conditions. About the jump:
Nice and stable exit , with a good flight that lasted 33 seconds before he started his pulling sequence. He tried to pull for 5,6 seconds before he went out for a full flight again and then trying to stall his suit to decrease speed before impact. After 2-3 sec Kristian tried to the very end and rolled to his side to give that last try to survive the impact. The indications of this accident is due to the cold weather. Kristian had cold fingers/hands on the exit.
He was without gloves for at least 12 minutes before the jump. He put thin gloves on 5 minutes before the exit that is good for grip and terrible in the cold. He tried to blow his hands warm before exit.
Its truly believed that the cold made him loose the feelings in his fingers and hands. Kristian crashed with a no pull. -There is several things that can prevent accidents like this.
-Dont jump in the cold if you cant control the heat on your fingers.
-Jump forgiving jumps and put in more margins so you can pull your parachute anytime.
-Margins – margins – margins and details

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