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Kylie 'Buffy' Tanti
Date: September 27, 2010 Nationality: Australian
Object Type: Building
Location: (Alor Star) Alor Setar , Northern Malaysia
COD: Impact
Clothes / Suit: Normal clothes


Kylie was wearing a 'Go Pro' Camera mounted on her helmet.

The clip on the camera had broke before and she was seen gluing it on before the jump.

This would be her 3rd jump of the day, the first 2 being PCA's, and this would be her first handheld.

This is from the exit point co-ordinator Tom, He is not a jumper but is one of the few Menara KL staff really respected by The base jumping organizers. He has seen enough base jumps over the last few years to know what he is really seeing and was the one PCA'ing those that were not comfortable with freefalls.

Tom said he checked her out on top and all looked fine. He asked her twice if she wanted a PCA to ensure she was comfortable with the first hand held she was doing there. She went off not too bad and pitched after half a second. He said as soon as she pitched it looked different than normal. Where he sees a jumpers pitch normally out at maybe 45 degrees, this seemed to be closer to her head and forward. It appeared the bridle did one complete wrap around the camera maybe 2 feet from the pilot chute. He believes she eventually got it free but it was too late.

The slight crosswind that existed, combined with a weak pitch forward, were the contributing factors allowing the bridle to wrap around the GoPro mount.

300ft doesn't give you much time to address a problem-- Buffy fought, cleared the bridle, but ran out of time impacting as the canopy was in the process of reaching line-strech.

If you find yourself at an exit point with a Bender (from Futurama) toy containing ashes, you're about to make a jump with Buffy.

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