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Pro BASE World Cup

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Under the motto "3 events 3 disciplines 1 winner" ProBASE World Cup is putting together a 3 stop BASE Jump competition Tour for the summer of 2011.

The Tour will kick off at the Heli Boogie at Kjerag in Norway on June 22nd with a tracking race, then move down to Greece in August to hold an accuracy competition at Symi island and finally wrap it up at the already notorious ProBASE Wingsuit Race in Stechelberg, Switzerland.

Via a point system the Tour is designed to crown an overall winner, the jumper who earns the most points overall. In order to earn World Cup points, jumpers have to at least reach the final of the last 8. The overall Tour champion will earn a full all inclusive 1 year sponsorship from APEX BASE, winners of each individual event get 500$ in cash.

Interested competitors can sign up via the ProBASE world Cup website or via Facebook. Minimum requirements are 90 BASE jumps, 20 within the last 3 months prior to the event, 2 years in the sport, plus 50 Wingsuit BASE jumps to participate at the Wingsuit Race competition.
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