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This page is a chapter in 'BASE Wiki About BASE Jumping'

Records: The following list of BASE records is not meant to be taken seriously. It is mostly here because asking about a particular type of BASE record on the forums happens very often. Unfortunately, many records are hard to verify, hard to define, and hard to accomplish. The information below can easily be wrong. If you have more correct information, please leave a comment. Meanwhile, consider the list below a joke for entertainment purposes only.

Fewest jumps to get BASE

  • BASE #404 did BASE in 7 jump. [1]

Shortest time to get BASE

  • Under two hours.
date was : July 1, 2001
the objects were : Crown point / Troutdale Tower / Burnside Building / st. Johns bridge
Jumpers : ( DJ Higgins / Nick H. / Dwain W. )
time : 1-Hour & 53-Minutes for B.A.S.E.

This record is the shortest time it took somebody to make a jump from all four objects.

Most jumps in 24 hours

  • 133 jumps, Gary Cunningham
Using an elevator and packers.

Most human-powered jumps in 24 hours

  • 57 jumps, Miles Daisher
This record was done on the Potato Bridge. All climbing was done by Miles Daisher himself, and no boat or cars were used. Packing was done by a support crew. Miles jumped for 20.5 hours and was then forced to stop because of high winds.

Biggest Multiway of a bridge

  • 21-way from the Potato Bridge
The following 21 people simultaneously jumped from the Potato Bridge in September 2005: Jim O'Brian, Eric Gunderson, Alan Christoffersen, Mark Ridley, Johnny Utah Winkelkotter, DJ Higgins, Jeff Schlabs, Andre Sementile, Mark Sheehan, John Agnos, Ray Losli, Ray Pickett, Nikolaj Valentin, Bill Sullivan, Paul, Matt Moilanen, Miles Daisher, Ted Biggs, Abbie Mashaal, Matthew Fleischman, Todd Higley

Biggest Multiway of a building

  • 30 people from the Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Russia, in 2004. [2]

Biggest Multiway inside of a building

  • 10 people inside of the Tropical Island Resort Dome close to Berlin, Germany, in 2005. Verified with an entry in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Biggest Multiway from a cliff

[*] 24 p
  • 24 people exit together from Kjerag, Norway, in 1999. [2]
  • 10 years later, on August 8, 2009, 49 people exit together from Katthammar, Norway.

Highest Starting Exit Point

  • Meru Peak, The current Guinness World Record for a BASE jump starting elevation is held by Singleman himself and partner Heather Swan for a jump from 6604 meters (21,667ft) from Meru Peak in northern India on 23 May 2006.

Lowest Freefall over Water

  • Unknown

Lowest Freefall over Hard Ground

The current rumor is that a guy called Jim Bruckhauser jumped from 110 feet with a very big pilot chute and something like an 18 pulled-down apex round. Apparently it’s on record on film, but BASE WIKI is awaiting confirmation of this incredible feat.

Lowest Indoor BASE Jump

In 1990 Russell Powell (British) BASE 230 illegally jumped from the Whispering Gallery inside St Paul's Cathedral London. It was the lowest indoor BASE Jump (Freefall or static line????) in the world at 102ft.[3]

Lowest D-BAG over Hard Ground

  • 63 feet, on video “Fixed 2!” by Vertical Visions (Jason Bell).

09 February 2006

06:56 by anonymous.
German jumpers verified (with video) a 26.8 meter direct bag over hard ground.

Jason Bell’s “Fixed 2 has video of a 63 foot direct bag, with a landing in water, but the impact zone (directly below exit) on hard ground. Opening surge was required to carry the jumper into the (knee deep) water.

Lowest Unpacked Jump over Hard Ground

  • Base 587, doing a TARD from 111 feet.

Longest Delay

  • Yuri Kuznetsov, approximately 2 minutes (wingsuit, Summer 2005)
This record is for the longest delay on a BASE jump. Wingsuits may be used. The record for longest delay without a wingsuit is hard to find since the line between jeans and wingsuits has blurred since the introduction of more advanced tracking apparel.

  • Dean Potter's account of his record breaking 3m20sec / 7.5km wingsuit flight in November 2011, using his Apache.

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    Dean Potter did well over 3 minutes from the High Eiger exit last season. 3min 20s if memory serves..
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclecharlie95 View Post
    Dean Potter did well over 3 minutes from the High Eiger exit last season. 3min 20s if memory serves..
    Is there a reference I can quote on that?
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    [url=http://www.tonywingsuits.com/deanpotter.html]TonySuit Wingsuits - Dean Potter, record wingsuit flight - November 2011[/url]

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