Richard Lidström

Richard Lidstrom
Date: May 26, 2017 Nationality: Swedish
Location: Pilastro, Italy
Object Type: Earth
COD: Unstable exit impacted 4 secs after exit
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit Freak 2
Parachute: Squirrel/Asylum Crux with Outlaw Lite canopy
Age: 35
Skydive Experience: Experienced
BASE Experience: ​Beginnner - 3rd season with previous 2nd season transitioning to wingsuit base on T-bird
Years in Base: 3
WS BASE: Beginner
Time of day: 12:00pm


Wingsuit jump from Pilastro.

Flying a Freak 2. Incident occurred at approximately noon local time.
Wind at exit was jumpers right to left crosswind around 7 mph.Jumper at exit point reported that the exit was noticeably head low. Jumper in LZ saw him corkscrew and then the suit flew him into the wall about 4 seconds after exit.

Canopy deployed after impact and slid, then hung up on the cliff.Both eyewitnesses—the jumper in the LZ who saw and the last jumper at exit—have more than 500 jumps and more than 10 years in sport.
Both are experienced BASE wingsuit pilots.Mountain rescue was called immediately, and a helicopter arrived approximately 10 minutes after the incident. A rescue team was landed on the top of the cliff, and a rescuer rappelled to the canopy. Extrication took approximately 2 hours from the time of the incident, and the jumper was pronounced dead on site by the coroner.

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