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Shane Murphy

Shane Murphy
Date: August 7, 2012 Nationality: American
Object Type: Earth
Location: Arve Valley, Magland, France
COD: Impact
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit - Apache

Aug, 7 "Shane and I awoke from our slumber in the small town of Flaine, a seasonal ski town in france. Around 7 :15 or so we started our trek up the hill. We made small talk and cracked jokes. At one point Shane had me rolling when he tried to demonstrate how he was going to throw his trekking poles in his suit along his legs and they dug in, causing both pole handles to nut punch him at the same time. We hiked and talked and he showed me some huge holes in the rock formations. We reached our exit point at around 9. I remember saying to Shane that I was thankful that he could so accurately appraise my skill level and take me to places I was comfortable. In return he said " I'd much rather have a beer at the bottom with you than get you some cool guy video". We talked about the lines we would fly and when I Get home I can show you them all on a map but for the time being let's just say there was a right and a left line. The left was more technical but Shane insisted I would have no problem with it. There was an easy out to the right before you get to committed. We exited as a two-way with me in front. My extremely timid flying made me want to look on the other side of the hill before going over so I flew at a diagonal to it. After a few seconds I saw Shane's bright yellow apache power up and go blazing by, headed straight for the ridge. He threw me an enthusiastic head nod that any jumper can tell you translates directly to " hell ya!" and then he was back on task flying very aggressively in what base jumpers call "attack" mode. As I passed to the side of the terrain feature I was traveling around I gave one last glance under my wing at shane. He was in a left hand turn around the corner, and then he dissappeared from view. He impacted in a grass field near a chalet. I spent the rest of the day in a SAR helo looking for him. The PGHM which is the search and rescue unit here are amazing. They pulled out all the stops to search for Shane and did him a great honor. I know this is a discombobulated after action report but it's really the meat and potatoes of the whole thing. They found Shane the next afternoon around 3. This has all been a blur. Everyone can take some comfort in knowing there was no pain, one second he was with us and now he is waiting for us. I love you all, I look forward to laughing and crying with everyone over Shane stories and beers."

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    Shane is a Soldier, standing on the edge of the mountains with no fear. He will inspire future generations, and his legacy will last forever. I would love to see the go pro footage of the man flying next to him to view his last flight. I dont know Shane but i found him through online resources. He had a website called adrenalinegeeks.com but now its shut down, someone should re-open that site and continue his legacy/passion. This was not a tragedy, but a passion to fullfill your life on this planet, the man who can fly. R.I.P shane you have inspired me.
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    There is no video from that jump. I didn't have one on and Shanes camera (go pro) was dead, his other camera came apart.

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