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Subterminal: In order to reach maximum outwards distance from an object, a track must start as soon as possible, preferably within 1 sec, at least within 2 secs. The acceleration starts much earlier then. The effect is much more noticeable when the body position is very disciplined. Starting a track doesn't simply mean sweeping the arms back. A casual relaxed delta does not produce much forward motion. Here are my tips for a good track.

1.) Start as early as possible, ideally after 1 sec.

2.) Exit running if possible, at least head high. In this way you can benefit from the horizontal speed you have. Going slightly head down destroys any advantage of starting early.

3.) The faster you move forward, the more lift you can generate, the flatter your glide becomes. Prioritize fast forward motion, jam your legs together, dig your arms and elbows into your side and get very slim and narrow like a dart. Above all maintain a very tense and strong body position, it should take all the strength you have in your shoulders and stomachs muscles to maintain the negative arch around the waist. Roll the shoulders to channel air down the middle of your body.

4.) As you gain speed you can flatten the track in the last few seconds before pull by looking flatter out towards the horizon. This is only applicable when you have reached max track speed. This is much like a canopy flaring, you trade speed for lift momentarily.

5.) Don't flare before you pull, just pull from the track. It will give you cleaner deployments.

It is possible to go much further than most think. Reaching the waters edge from Kjerag #6 within 15 secs is very feasible. It might be possible to get there with a low pull from Kjerag #5 if one wore a very slick speed skydiving style suit.

Please see some of above principals in action in this Quicktime video,

TODO: (can anyone point me to this video????
http://zelda.spray.se/~lukas/tracker.mov (about 2 meg)

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