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Tail Pocket

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Tail Pocket

Tailpocket on a cigar-rolled canopy, closed…… and open, with lines stowed
The tail pocket is a rectangular pocket on the rear topskin of the center cell. It is used to stow the lines in figure eights, instead of using a D-bag with rubberbands. Tail pockets are also common in canopy relative work.
Modern tail pockets have the velcro wrap-around style where the hook piece of the velcro wraps around on top of the pile. Aside from being more secure, it also avoids your lines abrading against the hook part of the velcro, wearing them out.

It is important that you make sure the velcro on your tail pocket is fresh to avoid line-dump and the associated risk of tension knots.

Andrew Karnowski? — 07 February 2007, 12:10

There isn’t any information on primary stows here, (or on the site) that I could find. It might be nice to include that.

Andrew Levson? — 06 March 2007, 00:31

See the ‘InDirect Control’ section under ‘Packing’

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