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Tandem BASE

This page is a chapter in 'BASE Wiki Jumping Techniques'

Tandem BASE jumping is pretty much what is sounds like; making a BASE Jump with a Tandem Student, either an already experienced BASE Jumper or a first time person attached to the front of an experienced BASE instructor.

Tandem BASE jumping has been done on several occasions, usually as just a "stunt" jump, until recently when a couple of commercial operators have started offering Tandem BASE jumps for a fee:
A Tandem BASE jump was first performed at West Virginia's Bridge Day in 1984 by Ted Strong and Robin Heid utilizing Ted Strongs prototype Tandem jumping system before it was accepted and legalized for skydive operations.

Bob Draijer made a Tandem BASE jump from a 459' bridge in France for a TV show:


Thor Alex Kappfjell has made several Tandem BASE jumps from cliffs in Europe:


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