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Tarpus: The Tarpus is a BASE Specific Canopy created by Nitro Rigging.

Thanks to the kosher pimp, I got to test fly the Tarpus 240 prototype slider up out the 182. I know skydiving don't count so next day I started with a McConkey at the Potato to have more tarp time and check out the swoopability. The Tarpus flies rather fast at full speed with a glide in between a Mojo and an Ace and steeper than Fox/Flick/Troll. The front riser pressure is rather light and the Tapus does move when the risers are pulled. The rate of turn on all inputs is pretty zippy w/out any noticeable side-skidding. It swoops well and it has a great shut-down power.

Next jump was the cherry popper, single gainer slider down packed. I was guessing the DBS on this jump but I got them right (total luck). The thing opens clean, like Mr. Clean. Peter K. should have some videos.

On the next few jumps a mix of packed and un-packed, sink-in, swoop-in landings an anything in between.

In Moab, the Tarpus got her first E at Mary's Gash. She flicked Tombstone next then daddy had to go back home.

She's a keeper, no doubt!


7-cell partial Z-po upper skin, F-111 rest. Span-wise reinforced. 3/4" reinforced nose. Turbulent flow optimized airfoil triple cross-ported. Slider-down inflation optimized nose. Over-sized and pressurized stabilizers. Bottom skin fins at loading ribs. Dacron 525, Dacron 900 lower control, HMA 1000 upper control, all color coded back and red.

Sizes: 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300.

Recommended wing-loading for fixed object jumps: 0.65-0.75

Oh, the Limbus 1072 worked well too, next few out should be very close to production models.

C ya!
Dr. Nick

Nitro Rigging

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