Terry Forrestal


Date: June 10, 2000
Nationality: English
Object Type: Earth
Location: Lysebotn, Norway
COD: Object Strike/Impact
Clothes / Suit: Normal Clothes
Gear / Parachute: TBD
Age: 52
Experience: TBD
BASE Experience: TBD
Time of day: TBD

This is Terry's 8th BASE jump. A videotape shows him having trouble with directional control and tracking. He deploys with a 180 whereupon he hits the wall very hard. Terry comes to rest on a narrow ledge and later probably sees a rescue helicopter approach and then turn back because of fog developing in the immediate area. The full extent of Terry's injuries are unknown at this time but speculation suggests both his legs are broken. At this point, but unknown to Terry, a foot launched rescue effort is advancing on his position. When they arrived, 10 hours later, Terry is gone from the ledge.

No one knows if Terry tried to self rescue himself by jumping from the ledge using his reserve canopy (this is done with success by another jumper several years earlier) or if sometime during the night he simply fell.

Friends say he probably thought rescue was not in the immediate future. And the 52 year old former SAS is the type to take matters into his own hands. Terry is also a movie actor and stuntman.

Some of the movies Terry worked on are Moonraker, Octopussy, A View To A Kill, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Titanic where he played the doomed ship's chief engineer. The following is 2005 information: There is a short film, now making the rounds called Last Stunt concerning Terry's accident that was made in 2002. The film is touring with the Banf Film festival and was recently screened in California. Here's the text of the promo from the film. British stuntman Terry Forrestal arrives in Kjerag in Lysefjorden, one of Norway's greatest fjords. He is going to relax - away from his hectic film work - by BASE jumping from the top of the 1000-metre-high mountain. But one of the jumps goes wrong and a difficult rescue begins. In the film, Terry's sister accuses Norway of bad rescue planning and of running death tourism. This is the story of Terry's last stunt, the promo concludes.

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