Vincent Francois


Date: December 12, 2018
Nationality: French
Location: High Ultimate (ramp in place ) Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Object Type: Earth
COD: Unstable exit until impact
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit Havok
Gear /Parachute: TBD
Age: 44
Skydive Experience: TBD
BASE Experience: 650
WS BASE Experience: TBD
Number of WS BASE Jumps from this exit: TBD
Years in Base: 6 seasons
Time of day: 15:00 (3pm)
Causal factors: TBD
Exit Altitude: TBD
Conditions: TBD
Wind on ground: TBD
Wind on exit: TBD
Wind mid flight: TBD

Snow on ground, sunny afternoon with slight dampness on ramp after snow melt

Information from a jumper standing back off the ramp has said that when he exited he was totally head down to the point he believed he would need to do a flip to correct his position.After a few seconds he heard him impact the wall a few times and was then under canopy with no inputs until he came to rest on a ledge underneath via Ferrata impact point.

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