BFL# : 366 (3rd of the year)
Name: Alex Halley
Date: 6th June 2019
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Dent de Crolles, Chartreuse, France
Object Type: Earth
COD: Unknown
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit
Gear / Parachute: Unknown
Age: 40
Skydive Experience: Unknown
BASE Experience: Unknown
WS BASE Experience: Unknown
Years/Seasons in Base: Unknown
Time of day: 1pm (13:00)
Casual factors: Low level Clouds
Exit Altitude: Unknown
Conditions: Low level Clouds
Wind on exit: Unknown

Description: We are currently waiting on jumpers to get in touch to share information on this fatality.

no information has been received on this fatality, this entry will remain open

If you know of more details please get in touch

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