BFL# : 385 (3rd of the year)
Name: Jean Baert
Date: 21st May, 2020
Nationality: French
Location: Margain, Grenoble, France
Object Type: Earth
COD: Impact (impacted Ledge in flight)
Clothes / Suit: Wingsuit Alpine 20
Gear / Parachute: Peak
Skydive Experience: Unknown
BASE Jumps: 800
WS BASE Experience: 622
Years/Seasons in Base: 28 years
Time of day: 9am
Other factors: None
Exit Altitude: Unknown
Conditions: Perfect
Wind on exit: None
Description: Coming from the jumper on Exit who was jumping with him:
In order to prepare himself for a new jump he wanted to open they both had been practicing on that cliff where if we jumped straight all is safe and good but if we go for the right there is a medium ledge.
JB had done already a few right lines over the ledge.
On the fatal one he jumped to the right again and had a slightly steep exit but nothing to worry about.
After he cleared the exit he applied a very sharp bank to the right but it seems it was too aggressive as this manoeuvre sent him in too steep and head low very sideways.
Despite all of this he recovered and still continued to the right but he was to low and hit the trees on the ledge.

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