BFL# : 398 (1st of the year)
Name: Malaysian
Date: 1st January, 2021
Nationality: Malaysian
Location: Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga Dan Masyarakat - Putrajaya, Malaysia
Object Type: Building
COD: Line twist/off heading into building
Clothes / Suit: Slick
Gear / Parachute: black jack 280
Age: 49
Skydive Experience: 300
BASE Jumps: 450
WS BASE Experience: 0
Years/Seasons in Base: 11 years / Seasons
Time of day: 5:35pm (17:35)
Other factors: Unknown
Exit Altitude: 564ft / 171.8 metres
Conditions: Unknown
Wind on exit: Unknown
Description: Jumpers have been in touch and will send more information in coming days

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