BFL# : 400 (3rd of the year)
Name: Iranian
Date: 22nd January 2021
Nationality: Iranian
Location: Tehran, Iran
Object Type: fire ladder 60 m height - Antenna
COD: Bridle wrap
Clothes / Suit: Firefighter clothes
Gear / Parachute: Crux & Hayduke lite
Age: 27 years
Skydive Experience: 400
BASE Jumps: 40
WS BASE Experience: 0
Years/Seasons in Base: 18 months
Time of day: 8:00 am
Other factors: Windy conditions
Exit Altitude: 60 meters
Conditions: windy
Wind on exit: right to the left
Description: In a square in Tehran many people attended the ceremony at 8 am. A lot of wind is recorded that day in different parts of the country.
He stood at the top of the fire ladder facing the crowd at a height of 60 meters. The wind blows from his right to his left. (Maybe the camera angle and the crowd angle were more important to him than the wind angle! he always cared about the quality of his videos)

He started to jump with hand held pilot chute and gently threw pilot chute but the wind carried PC from right to left of his body and bridle wrapped to a part of his body or his long camera mount then pilot chute started to Cause him to turn to the left (the path of the wind) so the pilot chute could not pull out the canopy, but at around 10 meters above the ground canopy started slowly to come out the container (maybe he tried to pull bridle with his hands at the last moment) but it was too late and unfortunately, he hit the ground.
The hospital was nearby and an ambulance immediately took him to the hospital but minutes later, he died of severe injuries.

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