Diderik Brunstad

SFFL#: 62
Name: Diderik Brunstad
Date: March 3, 2020
Nationality: Norwegian
Location: Chamonix, France
Condition: Unknown
Ground launching or skiing: Skiing
Wing type: Mirage RS PRO
Weight: 75kg
Age: 25
Experience: 5years/900 logged flights
License: Spg4

Updated 4th March 2022 -

During the hearing in France the witness told that it looked like a ski got snagged so then fell forward, slid a few metres and then lost control over wing and fell off the glacier. He started a small avalanche and was found about 450 metres lower under 40cm of snow, sadly his avalanche beacon was in his backpack but not turned on.

Diderik was speed riding on the north side of Aiguille du midi. He had several flights this day. Took off like normal, was down on the snow skiing when he hit an area where the snow slipped away due to icy conditions under. He then lost control and went out off a cliff.

He was a gymnast and skilled base jumper as well and I would describe both him and his flying as understated. He was humble and never bragged about anything, but extremely talented and flew within his limits. It wasn't lack of skills that took him from us, but a misjudgement of the snow condition. As close to pure bad luck as it gets

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