Patrick Korendijk

SFFL#: 64
Name: Patrick Korendijk
Date: April 20, 2020
Nationality: Dutch
Location: Frafjord
Condition: 0.5ms wind. Bluebird.
Ground launching or skiing: Ground
Wing type: Mirage rs+ 11
Weight: 75kg
Age: 47
Experience: 1 year(120flights) speed, skydiving
License: SPG3

Cliff launch, 5-7m slope down to cliff. Long flat runway over slope. Tried to abort a take off, but was too close to the cliff and didn’t manage to stop. Patrick hit a shelf under take off, the wing collapsed, Patrick fell further out off the cliff approx. 40m freefall. Patrick died on impact. A good friend of Patrick was waiting on take off and called in the rescue, he could not get down due to the steep terrain. From go pro video it was clear that one of the A-Lines O-ring was missing and one of the A-Lines was under the shackle nut, but unknown if this was a factor on Patricks attempted to abort the take off. Patrick lived in Norway with his family.

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