SFFL # :64
Name : George Maris
Date: October 2020
Nationality: Romanian
Location: Busteni, Romania
Conditions: Calm morning
Ground Launching or Skiing: Ground Launching
Wing Type: 6.5m Rapidos
Weight: 70kg
Age: mid / late 20’s
Experience : Approx 3 years
Time on wing last used: Only Used a handful of times
License (P2, P3, H2, M1, M2, etc): - Swiss speed flying license
Beacon/Locator/Etc (Spot, in Reach, Recco, GPS): unknown
Description of events as best known-

George was filming with a Drone pilot , the footage shows George attempting to Launch into a steep Chute on the mountain side, As his wing lifts it inflates a little faster on 1 side than the other , he continues to run as the wing is oscillating slightly from side to side above him he adds brake inputs to try and correct it , as he pushes off before the wing has sufficient speed to begin to start flying , he adds a little more brake in attempt to get off the ground and the wing stalls , resulting in him impacting with the earth and then sliding down the chute and off the cliff face.

If anyone has additional information, and More importantly images we can use for this entry, please contact us.

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