Gaje Anthis

SFFL#: 66
Name: Gaje Anthis
Date of accident: Nov 27, 2020
Age: 23
Nationality: American
Location: Grand County, near Moab - Mineral Point - Utah, US
Conditions: Afternoon/evening, sunny, calm
Ground Launching or Skiing: Cliff launch
Wing Type: Rapido's 13m
Weight: Probably around 190lbs
Experience: Unknown
Time on wing last used: Unknown
License (P2, P3, H2, M1, M2, etc): Unknown
Beacon/Locator/Etc (Spot, in-Reach, Recco, GPS): In-Reach used for SOS
On take off, wing wasn't behind him but it was falling to the left after a clean first couple steps. He hesitated but kept moving as he realized it was falling left. It didn't appear that he made an effort to get it back overhead or stop. Right then the
lines did catch two people and other people narrowly ducked out of the way. This did cause him to turn and kind of fall/trip, but it was too late.

Wing caught on rock at top of cliff, causing severe damage and no chance of pressurizing. No wall
strike. Lack of pilot ability to keep wing overhead in no wind also contributed. If the wing was overhead, he had a clear runway. It was the fact that it fell left that caused the snag. His confidence seemed shook after his first aborted launch (5 minutes prior).

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