SFFL # : 66
Name : Diebert Theron
Date: February 20, 2021
Nationality: South African
Location: Lions Head , South Africa
Conditions: Crosswind from South
Ground Launching or Skiing: Ground launching
Wing Type: 13.5 Mirage
Weight: Unknown
Age: 23
Experience : Intermediate pilot with 50 hours of flight time but only 4 months in the sport
Time on wing last used: Unknown
License (P2, P3, H2, M1, M2, etc): Unlicensed
Beacon/Locator/Etc (Spot, in-Reach, Recco, GPS): None

He was a super safe pilot always flying with margin and always Cautious, but on his last flight he made a Decision to go fly close to the terrain,
something he has never done, while flying down the ridge you can see he is unsure if he wants to release the trim tabs or not, he chooses to keep the wing
on glide trim and kept flying lower onto the terrain doing s turns, the Ridge drops off steeper all of sudden he tries to do a barrel roll low to the ground,
something he should not be doing at his level. His Barrel roll takes longer than usual to come around and he just doesn’t have enough height to recover from the roll
and he hits the slope with his legs on a slanted rock. He Landed 20m further down and Immediately Called in his own rescue. The slope was very steep making it more difficult.
The rescue took a bit too long and he went into shock from internal bleeding in his Hip. after about 1 hour 30 min DB was in the Rescue Helicopter.
He later died in Hospital from his injuries. The time it took to rescue him took too long and time ran out.

It was his 3rd flight for the Day, the 2nd flight he flew for about 45 min ridge soaring to the Summit and having one of the Best Days of his life. He was an absolute Natural at flying, he always flew with margin that none of us ever thought he was a danger to himself.
DB touched many people’s lives. He was an Amazing Friend and was a gentleman with so much love.
He had an eye to create magic. He was such a mind-blowing Filmmaker and Editor. DB loved Speed soaring with the Eagles and that was for sure his Specialty,
he was a natural canopy pilot and we will really miss his Smile and Energy.

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